Larry Page’s self-flying car project is now ready for lift off.flying-cars

Philadelphia- Kitty Hawk, a start-up supported by Google cofounder, introduced its prototype for an unmanned airplane that could take off vertically, so long as you are flying over open water. In a demonstration shared on-line Monday, the Kitty Hawk Flyer is shown lifting off within a lake with the support of small propellers beneath its base. The prototype looks less like an automobile than a jet skiing with wings. The project is rumored to go on sale by the end of the year, in accordance with the organization’s website. The cost has yet to be declared.

The startup claims it’s obtained approval from the Federal Aviation Administration for the airplane to be flown in un-congested areas. Additionally, customers won’t need a pilot license to use it.

“We’ve all had dreams of flying effortlessly. I’m excited that one day very soon I’ll be able to climb onto my Kitty Hawk Flyer for a quick and easy personal flight,” Page said in a statement provided to The New York Times.


Nearly one years ago, Page has been reported to have spent over $100 million in flying automobile startups.


Reps for the company didn’t instantly respond to a request for comment.


Sebastian Thrun, Chief executive officer of Kitty Hawk and a former Google exec who headed the organization’s self driving car attempts, described the mission on Twitter as nothing short of changing the future of personal transportation.

flying-carsIf the Kitty Hawk prototype doesn’t quite look like a flying machine of your sci-fi fantasies, you are probably not alone. However, several firms, such as Aeromobil and Terrafugia, are flying vehicles that looks more like small planes than cars. Many rely on vertical takeoff and landing, or VTOL, eliminating the need for a runway.

The Kitty Hawk statement gets out in front of Uber, which is scheduled to hold the event Tuesday connected to its own flying automobile attempts.

Google’s page has a complicated relationship with Uber. Google is an investor at the ride hailing startup, but Google’s self driving car unit is currently suing Uber for allegedly stealing intellectual property from them .

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