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10 iPhone features you need to know – CNET

CNET 10 iPhone features you need to knowCNETEvery iPhone has had a mute switch since Steve Jobs launched the original one back in 2007. It’s not a flashy feature. There’s no row for it on CNET’s spec chart. I can’t remember the last time it got mentioned in a review. …

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No New iPhone At WWDC Is Apple's Big Mistake – Forbes

Forbes No New iPhone At WWDC Is Apple’s Big MistakeForbesThe WWDC keynote is over, and while developers will continue to learn about the latest techniques and share knowledge, it was all about the software (as expected). Tim Cook and this team did not announce any new hardware to the faithful. …

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Exclusive: Apple's Expensive New iPhones Revealed – Forbes

Forbes Exclusive: Apple’s Expensive New iPhones RevealedForbesWhile there are a lot of discussions that Apple will make the iPhone SE2 (likely called ‘iPhone SE’ again) look like an iPhone X Mini, the reality is it will be the same design with upgraded internals. It’s not clear whether the iPhone 7 …

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