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How To Stream On Twitch Using A PC – Sanvada Tech News (blog)

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Streaming videos or games on Twitch using a PC is a smart choice for watching videos, especially for games before buying. But do you know how to stream on Twitch using PC? if not, then keep reading this article till the end, because we have provided the detailed description along with the steps to stream videos or games online from Twitch using your PC or laptop.

How to Stream Videos on Twitch using PC/Laptops?

For streaming online videos or gaming videos from Twitch, a streaming video provider platform, users must have a broadcaster app. That’s because, broadcaster is the app that allows the users to broadcast or stream live videos on online platforms. Here we have providing the steps to stream on Twitch using PC with the help of Open Broadcaster Software, in short OBS. Open Broadcaster Software is one of the best free broadcaster apps.

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Steps to Stream on Twitch using PC with OBS:

  • First of all, Download OBS by clicking the link. (Those who have OBS already, skip the step)
  • Now go to Twitch and get the “Stream Key”, because OBS can not log in to Twitch directly. (Download Twitch)
  • Now come back to OBS, click the Settings button in the lower right corner.
  • Select “Broadcast Settings” in the left-hand pane.
  • Then click on “Streaming services” and select Twitch.
  • Now click on “Play Path/Stream Key” and enter the “Stream Key” you got from Twitch.
  • Adjust the video settings as per your need.
  • Now select the game you want to stream on Twitch.
  • Right-click in the “Sources” box.
  • Then,Add>Menu>Window Capture> Name the source and hit ENTER.
  • Now choose the window of your game in the dropdown at the top and click OK.
  • Click “Start Streaming” and enjoy.

Alternatives of OBS to Stream Twitch

Though Open Broadcaster App provides free broadcasting and streaming services, there are many other broadcaster apps also available.Some of the Top Broadcaster Apps are XSplit Broadcaster & Gamecater, Game Show, Vmix, Wirecast, Elgato Gaming HD60 Pro, and Live Gamer Extreme. Some of them provide free services, some provide premium services. So if there is any problem with the Open Broadcaster App, then users can opt for the best broadcaster apps from the list.

To download the broadcaster apps mentioned above, users can Download HERE. The Setup Guides for all the apps are available there. So click the link and download the app you want as well as get the setup guide too.

Streaming online videos is now very easy with the help of broadcaster apps. They provide easy and straight forward steps or options for both broadcasting and streaming. So choose the best one for your devices and then stream on Twitch using PC to watch whatever you want. Here we have also provided various alternative broadcaster apps.



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