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Apple's iPad Mini 5 will look near-identical to the iPad Mini 4 – The INQUIRER

Apple's iPad Mini 5 will look near-identical to the iPad Mini 4

The iPad Mini 5 might look just like the iPad Mini 4…. sigh

THE DEFINITION OF INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, but that’s looking likely to be the approach Apple is taking with its next-gen iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini 5, or whatever frustratingly vague name Cupertino will give it, will according to Mac Otakara and DigiTimes, look pretty much like the current iPad Mini 4. So much for Apple being the gods of design.

So rather than borrowing from the bezel-eating aesthetics of the iPad Pro, which does look like a properly modern fondle slate, the next iPad Mini will come wearing the rather ageing chassis of its predecessor.

But before you zip to the comments and write something along the lines of “OMG Apple’s dezign is soooo s**t, Androidz 4 lyf”, Apple is rumoured to give the next iPad Mini’s guts a good jiggle and refresh.

To be honest, that’s barely a rumour and more of a definite fact as the iPad Mini 4’s innards are seriously old; the iPad Pro for comparison rocks Cupertino’s powerful A12 Bionic SoC.

We can expect the next iPad Mini to have a SoC with plenty of oomph, likely something along the lines of the A10X Fusion chip found in older iPad Pros, or maybe some A11 Bionic chips left over from the iPhone X’s manufacturing.

Given the iPad Mini has a rumoured refresh in the works, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the 9.7in iPad also get a nip and tuck as well.

According to iPhoneHellas, come 19 March, Apple will reveal two new iPads, AirPods 2, and AirPower; Cupertino’s charging matt that was supposed to be released more than 12 months ago. 

But that’s a lot of stuff for Apple to knock out this early on in 2019, so we’d take those rumours with a healthy pinch of salt. Yet, we’d be quietly confident in saying there are new entry-level iPads on the way, as Apple really needs to give that product line a kick-up the jacksie given the trail set by the new iPad Pros. µ

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