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Batman: 10 Gadgets From Other Superheroes He Wishes He Had | CBR – CBR – Comic Book Resources

A popular joke among comic book fans is suggesting that Batman does indeed have superpowers; money, and the ability to pull whatever he needs out of his utility belt. During the Golden Age of comics, Batman’s utility belt was a cross between a Deus Ex Machina and a fashion statement – is a shark trying to kill the Caped Crusader? Don’t fret, he’s got a bottle of shark repellant stuffed somewhere in that belt of his.

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These days, Batman’s belt is nowhere near as OP as it used to be – the Dark Knight can’t just reach in there and pull out whatever gadget he needs. Because of this change, Batman has to be more crafty and prepared than his past incarnations. That being said, we’re pretty sure the Bat of Gotham would love to borrow the following ten gadgets from his partners in crime-fighting.

10 The Atom’s Bio-Belt

The Atom is living proof that big ideas can come in small packages. Genius scientist Ray Palmer can shrink to the sub-microscopic level, allowing him to interact with organisms and particles that are normally beyond our comprehension. But without Palmer’s incredible Bio-Belt, none of these feats would be possible.

If Batman had access to The Atom’s Bio-Belt, there’s no doubt that he’d have a field day with it; he’d be able to create all sorts of all sorts of amazing, microscopic inventions – both for himself and for the general public. The Bio-Belt would also help Batman sneak around and spy on his enemies with even greater ease.

9 Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth

Wonder Woman Lasso of truth

The Lasso of Hestia, better known as the Lasso of Truth, has a very interesting origin story, as does the heroine who wields it. Male Feminist William Moulton Marston teamed up with artist H. G. Peter to create Wonder Woman back in the 1940s. Eager to break the mold with their creation, Marston and Peter made Wonder Woman a powerful crime-fighter who was also a really into bondage.

That’s where the Lasso of Truth came in – Wondie would bind criminals with it, but she also would lose her powers if a man tied her up with the Lasso. These days, the Lasso Truth isn’t really a bondage tool – it’s an interrogation device. One that Batman would undoubtedly love to have as a part of his arsenal.

8 The New God’s Boom Tubes

Don’t let the funny name fool you – the New Gods’ Boom Tubes are some of the most impressive inventions to have ever graced the DC Universe! These babies allow their users to travel across vast distances in an instant. Newer incarnations of Cyborg can utilize Boom Tubes thanks to his newfound connection with the New Gods’ Mother Boxes.

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Batman wouldn’t have to rely on the Batmobile, or any of his other Bat-themed vehicles, to get around if he had a Boom Tube on deck. If Bat’s had a Boom Tube, he’d be one step closer to becoming a genuine Bat-God.

7 Superman’s Phantom Zone Projector

Okay, okay, we’re cheating a bit with this entry; Superman didn’t invent the Phantom Zone Projector, nor does he use it very often. However, Jor-El, the Dad of Steel, created this miraculous device way back in Krypton’s glory days. So, we suppose you could say that Superman inherited the Phantom Zone Projector from his pops.

Anyhow, The Phantom Zone Projector is an excellent, non-lethal means of dispatching criminals who’d easily be able to break out of prison. Supes has incarcerated the likes of General Zod and Doomsday with the PZP time and time again. Bat’s most definitely could use the PZP when dealing with foes like Bane or Killer Croc.

6 Mister Terrific’s T-Spheres

T-Sphere on Arrow

5 Starman’s Cosmic Staff

The way we see it, the ideal weapon for Batman would be a tool that’s as flexible and adaptable as he is. Ted Knight’s Cosmic Staff certainly fits that bill – it’s a device that uses the power of the stars in the sky to produce a vast array of amazing effects.

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The Cosmic Staff grants anyone who wields it the gifts of flight, energy manipulation/ absorption, control over gravitational forces, and even the ability to travel across various dimensions! The Cosmic Staff is so powerful that even its wielders have to be extra careful when using it. Batman wouldn’t have much to worry about though – “extra careful” might as well be his middle name.

4 A Sinestro Corps Ring


Giving Batman a weapon that’s fueled by its user’s imagination and fear factor seems downright unfair. But that’s exactly what we’d get if the Dark Knight permanently added a Sinestro Corps Ring to his arsenal. We say permanently because Batman’s actually used a Yellow Lantern Ring several times in the past.

Most fans theorize that Batman steers away from Yellow Lantern Rings because of their connection to Sinestro and Parallax. Still, imagine how OP the Caped Crusader would be if he had a weapon like this in his utility belt!

3 Iron Man’s Uru Armor

Hey, who says we have to stick with DC heroes? After all, the name of this article is “10 Gadgets From Other Superheroes He Wishes He Had.” The way we see it, Tony Stark is one of the greatest inventors in the Marvel Universe – right up there with Hank Pym and Reed Richards.

We think that Batman would love to get his hands on any one of Stark’s iconic Iron Man suits. However, Stark’s Uru armor would probably be at the top of Batman’s list. Every now and then, Batman has to tangle with some sort of evil “god” or deranged super-powered alien. Bats teamed up with the League to create the Hellbat armor, but that suit has tons of negative side-effects. The Uru armor, on the other hand, has no life-threatening drawbacks and looks amazing!

2 The Black Panther Habit

Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits are like mobile, all-in-one armories. T’Challa’s Black Panther Habit, however, is the ultimate espionage tool; its sleek design and ebony color palette practically make its wearer invisible. The Black Panther Habit is also infused with Vibranium – one of the most powerful materials in the Marvel Universe!

The way we see it, the Black Panther’s suit perfectly compliments Gotham City’s environment. If Batman got his hands on one of these babies, he’d be completely bulletproof, undetectable, and capable of trading blows with the likes of Bane, Clayface, & Prometheus with even greater ease.

1 The Fantastic Four’s/ Doctor Doom’s Necrophone

For the most part, every other gadget, weapon, or tool that we’ve mentioned in this article would help Batman more than it’d help Bruce Wayne. For this final entry, however, we decided to highlight a tool that’d be beneficial to the man behind the mask. The Necrophone is a theoretically impossible device that Doctor Doom created back in the 1960s and that Reed Richards modified many decades later.

Simply put, the Necrophone transports its users to Heaven – allowing them to interact with the souls of the deceased, as well as the Heavenly Host. With this device, Bruce Wayne could visit his parents, make up for years of lost time, and receive closure on the one event that’s haunted him for most of his life.

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