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NHS e-health systems 'risk patient safety'

Image copyright Getty Images Hospitals across England are using 21 separate electronic systems to record patient health care – risking patient safety, researchers suggest. A team at Imperial College say the systems cannot “talk” to each other, making cross-referencing difficult and potentially leading to “errors”. Of 121 million patient interactions, …

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Kashmir users kicked off WhatsApp

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Streets in Kashmir are mostly deserted since the lockdown came into effect on 5 August Users in Kashmir are being kicked off WhatsApp because of inactivity, the BBC has learned. It is a side-effect of the four-month internet blackout, imposed by the Indian government …

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Chinese residents worry about rise of facial recognition

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Some buses in Shanghai have had facial recognition systems fitted to them A survey by a Beijing research institute indicates growing pushback against facial recognition in China. Some 74% of respondents said they wanted the option to be able to use traditional ID methods …

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Cave diver tells court Elon Musk tweets 'humiliated' him

Image copyright EPA Image caption Vernon Unsworth told a court that he felt branded by Mr Musk’s posts A British cave expert has testified that he was left feeling “humiliated, ashamed” and “dirtied” after Elon Musk labelled him “pedo guy” online. Vernon Unsworth is suing the Tesla founder for defamation. …

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Huawei launches a new legal challenge against US ban

Image copyright Getty Images Huawei has launched new legal action against the US over claims the Chinese telecoms giant poses a security risk. It comes after the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) put curbs on rural mobile providers accessing a $8.5bn (£6.5bn) government fund to buy Huawei equipment. The firm …

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Huawei employee wrongfully jailed for 251 days

Image copyright Getty Images Huawei is facing backlash after a former employee was wrongfully detained for eight months in China. Li Hongyuan, who worked for Huawei for 13 years, was arrested over charges of extortion in January, after the company accused him of blackmail. But prosecutors freed Mr Hongyuan in …

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Elon Musk 'pedo guy' defamation trial to begin

Image copyright AFP Image caption Lawyers for British diver Vern Unsworth (L) said Mr Musk’s tweets were “vile and false” Tesla boss Elon Musk is due to take the stand in a Los Angeles court and face the British diving specialist he accused of being a paedophile. Vern Unsworth was …

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Apple Pay speeds up payments on the Tube

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The Express Transit feature will apply to the latest iPhones and Apple Watches Apple has tweaked its Apple Pay service in an effort to reduce queues at London Tube-station barriers. The Express Transit feature means commuters will experience shorter payment times when they tap …

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