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DDoS: Man who sold website defences pleads guilty to attacks

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Akin to the Batman villain Two-Face, Preston married good with bad A man in the US who co-founded a service to protect sites from cyber-attackers has pleaded guilty to launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Tucker Preston is co-founder of BackConnect, a cyber-security …

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Robot tanks: On patrol but not allowed to shoot

Image copyright Ryan Crierie Image caption The M247 Sergeant York was abandoned by the US Army in 1985 In 1985 the US pulled the plug on a computer-controlled anti-aircraft tank after a series of debacles in which its electronic brain locked guns onto a stand packed with top generals reviewing …

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Apple may have to abandon Lightning connector cable

Image copyright Getty Images Apple could be forced to abandon its Lightning connector cable if European lawmakers get their way. The cable is used to charge and sync many Apple devices, such as the iPhone. But members of the European Parliament urged the European Commission on Monday to force tech …

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Facebook blocks the Spinner's 'brainwashing' tech

Image copyright BBC/getty images Image caption Facebook has barred the behaviour-changing service from its platforms Facebook has issued a cease and desist notice to an Israeli firm that claims to be able to subconsciously alter people’s behaviour. The Spinner charges a fee to “subconsciously influence” targets by exposing them to …

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Girlsdoporn offline after losing legal battle

Image copyright Getty Images US-based porn website Girlsdoporn is now offline after being ordered to pay $12.8m (£9.8m) to 22 unnamed women who appeared in videos it published. The domain has been down for about a week, according to platforms which track whether websites are working. On 3 January, a …

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Can Microsoft's 'moonshot' carbon goal succeed?

Image copyright Getty Images Tech giant Microsoft has announced two bold ambitions: firstly, to become carbon negative by the year 2030 – meaning it will be removing more carbon from the air than it emits – and secondly, to have removed more carbon by 2050 than it has emitted, in …

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Social media data needed for 'harm' research, say doctors

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Data from social-media companies would help research into mental-health risks, the report says Leading UK psychiatrists say they will never understand the risks and benefits of social media use on children’s mental health unless companies hand over their data to researchers. Tech companies must …

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Microsoft makes 'carbon negative' pledge

Image copyright Microsoft Image caption Satya Nadella said that technology built without principles does more harm than good Microsoft has pledged to remove “all of the carbon” from the environment that it has emitted since the company was founded in 1975. Chief executive Satya Nadella said he wanted to achieve …

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