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Chicken guard: Gadget protects the chickens from a Fox and a raccoon – The KXAN 36 News

The chicken coop is in the middle of the garden. Olga is sleeping in a self made Nest under a Bush, Princess chomping on the other hand, in the natural lawn and a white feather pecks of rice and carrots from the food bowl. The three hens live for two years, Beat Gasser (58) in the middle of the city of Winterthur.

“I bought at the time for each 25 francs, an organic farmer,” says the glass-blowers. Mainly from animal love. “After a year of laying hens will be slaughtered normally.” Then the eggs are no longer shells usually stable enough for conveyor belts and industrial processing. “I wanted to at least allow three animals a longer life, because chickens can be up to 15 years old.”

A good year, the three hens laid eggs, in the meantime, Olga, Princess and white spring are Pets only. “The very intelligent animals I have grown really fond of,” says Gasser. That’s why it doesn’t bother him that the attitude of a lot of work. “I spend every day an hour, for example, to clean out.”

The door to the barn is fully automatically on the

help is also a Gadget, namely the chicken guard. The little box from England makes chicken owners flexible. Because in the night the chickens must be always included in the stable. “There is also in the city of foxes and Martens are notorious,” says Beat Gasser. The small predators to get not just a chicken, but to kill all the animals in the stable.

that’s Why, Olga, Princess and a white spring in your stable as soon as it is dark. In the Morning the door again – fully automatically. Because the chicken guard has a Motor in it that opens the door and closes. “And the System has failed in the two years.” It would have even integrated a light sensor in the box, but the Beat Gasser does not use at all: “I watch the Opening and closing times of all four weeks, this is only 30 seconds.”

chicken guard is via USB on the current

connected to a Little less than 200 Swiss francs is the cost of the top version of the chicken guard with light sensor, can move up to four kilograms in weight. Only with a Timer, and up to a Kilo of weight saving of around 50 francs. As an accessory there is a trap-door, which locked itself, and of predators is not undermined, it can be.

“For me, it was a reliable and robust System is important, it fits with my self-built stable,” says Gasser. For the chicken guard have also spoken that it can be operated with a USB cable to AC power, and that the large operator friendly buttons for the settings. As an Alternative you can use also batteries.

The three chickens had to get used to by the way, first. “At the beginning it seemed that an animal was locked,” recalls Gasser. But in the meantime, it works every night. “The chicken guard gives me certain freedoms, I don’t need to be at a certain time on the spot,” he says. Checking before bed, there is go, then the next night anyway, so the three chickens, nothing happens.

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