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City gets its first gaming lounge – Real Estate Weekly

OS NYC is located In the Bowery

OS NYC, New York’s first fully equipped gaming lounge, has opened at 50 Bowery Street .

The lounge offers an array of modern and professional gaming equipment suitable for the gaming enthusiast and professional player alike.

The space includes an in-house restaurant and open lounge environment that specifically caters to gamers of all backgrounds, content creators and streamers.

The name OS (Operating System) is intended as an empowering goal: encouraging gamers to become their own operating system within the gaming community.

“We are excited to help launch the next generation of gamers and streamers,” said head of strategy and partnership, Dan Chiu.

“By providing the latest products from HyperX, Republic of Gamers, Raynor, Elgato and Scuf, our players and streamers can use professional-level gear to become the next big name in esports or on Twitch.

“But just as important: we provide a safe place where a tight-knit community can gather and play. A place where all gamers are welcome — any age, any background.”

OS NYC worked to distinguish itself from other gaming-café designs, with 18 ft. ceilings, thick wooden tables, spacious leather couches and warm tungsten lighting.

“We wanted a space that looks nothing like a traditional gaming café,” said creative director, John Higgins.

“Taking inspiration from the local area of Chinatown, we embraced an industrial-chic design, forging designs out of wood, steel and concrete before introducing luxurious couches and armchairs. We wanted a space that fuses creativity and technology.”

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