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Google Assistant Routines comes to Android and iOS smartphones – Firstpost

Google Assistant in smartphones is now equipped with Routines—a feature through which you can create, schedule or use existing Routines to help you sail through the day. Initially, this feature was available only to Google Home, but it is now available on smartphones in India on Android Lollipop 5.0 and above and iOS 9.1 and above.

To get started with this, go to Settings > Routines in the Assistant.

Google Assistant. Image: Google.

Google Assistant. Image: Google.

Here, there are six available Routines. On pressing a Routine, it takes you to Actions. The orders of Actions can be changed, new Actions can be added, or removed.

There is also an option to add new commands and consequently add Actions to them. For instance, if you add a command “dinner is ready” it will automatically play the action “dinner time” on phones and Google Home and turn off, let’s say, the television, if that command is part of the Action.

Apart from this, you can also schedule your Routines. For example, you plan to work out for four days straight, you can add a time Action which will set off automatically.

While some Routines can be performed on the phone, others such as adjusting lights and plugs will require a smart home device such as the Google Home.

Currently, Google has six routines available, followed by actions which are more popular. So for instance, if you say “Hey Google! I’m home”, to the Google Assistant, it can turn on the Assistant in your Google Home or in your phone and consequently play music or share reminders about the same.

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