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Microsoft Surface event set for Oct. 2 – Komando

Buying a computer is a major decision — and not one to be taken lightly, either. Each year, technology changes so radically that hardware can become outdated in a matter of months. While using a previous year’s model is never a bad idea if you’re trying to save money, you do end up missing out on the year’s most cutting edge technology. It’s a trade-off, to be sure.

Apple fans know this all too well, as their company makes surprise announcements for new tech each year like clockwork. But for PC users, the hype is less frequent, so it can feel a bit safer waiting between major releases. And with so many brands to choose from, why not?

Well, PC users, your time has come. Microsoft has announced that it’s holding an event for the Surface, its signature laptop series, with previews of upcoming products, software and more. If you’ve been holding off on buying a brand new laptop, it might be worth your while to hang on just a little bit longer. Here’s why.

Microsoft announces Surface event for Oct. 2

According to new reports from The Verge, Microsoft is holding a press event on Oct. 2 for its upcoming Surface releases. The Surface is Microsoft’s own internally developed series of laptops and tablets, which have won both critical and consumer acclaim for their ease of use, design aesthetics and multi-purpose functionality.

Unlike traditional laptops, the Surface is shaped more like a traditional tablet. However, below the high-resolution display lies a fully functional version of Windows 10 that’s compatible with all your favorite software and apps.

This key difference, along with its detachable keyboard and trackpad cover, have helped to propel the product line to success — with its most recent release being the sixth version overall.

What’s coming this fall from Microsoft?

While it’s currently unknown exactly what Microsoft will be showing off at its event, we have a few good clues. The Verge previously reported on an upcoming device (codenamed Centaurus) that is rumored to contain two screens.

Just like its predecessors, this new Surface hardware will likely be a laptop/tablet hybrid, although nobody is entirely sure how it will integrate its displays into its functions.

Either way, between this rumored device and similar folding computers and smartphones, the future of gadgets is likely to be even more immersive and all-encompassing than it is today.

Additionally, we expect refreshes in Microsoft’s current slate of Surface products, including the Surface Laptop, Surface Pro and Surface Go. A few of these products are more than a year old, and are due for internal spec bumps that will likely make them faster and more powerful than before.

Is it worth waiting to buy a laptop until after the event?

When it comes to purchasing any tech product, it’s always advantageous when you have a deep integration between hardware and software. That’s been key to Apple’s success, and with Microsoft, the Surface is in a similar league. Both the computer and the operating system are designed by the same company, which leads to a more cohesive experience.

And sure enough, Surface products regularly receive high marks from both professional and creative users.

It is worth mentioning that, while we expect a good deal of discussion on hardware, there hasn’t been any word on what software will be discussed, if at all.

If Microsoft were to announce any major changes to its software lineup, this is where it would happen. For that reason, it may be in your best interest to hold steady until after the event passes. That way, you’ll know every option at your disposal when the time comes to buy.

Of course, if you need a laptop sooner, there are a variety of great deals on Amazon — including on a previous year’s model of Surface. Just make sure you hang on to your receipt in case Microsoft debuts something truly spectacular.

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