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New MacBook Pro Laptops Reveal An Embarrassing Problem – Forbes

This week saw Apple announce the laptop that everyone has been waiting for since the start of 2019. The 16-inch MacBook Pro becomes the top-tier laptop powered by MacOS Catalina, and the geekerati have welcomed it with open arms.

But it’s also a laptop that highlights the flaws with every other MacBook currently sold by Apple. If the hardware issues can be fixed for this machine, it’s embarrassing that they have not been fixed over the entire range.

Let’s look at two of the headline features of the new MacBook Pro to illustrate this problematic point.

While were still waiting to find out if The Rock beats the new Scissor Style keyboard design, it’s clear that the scissor keyboard introduced on the larger MacBook Pro addresses many of the flaws of the butterfly design – flaws that have been present in the various iterations of the butterfly design since its launch in 2015. Just remember that this is not a backwards step to an older keyboard design, this is Apple’s new Magic Keyboard in a laptop.

Then there is the screen. The engineering to hit the 16-inch screen into the same footprint as the 15-inch screen is to be applauded. But it also shows just how old-school the previous screen design was, with its extensive bezels and relatively low resolution for a ‘Pro’ laptop. Apple’s leap forward in screen technology looks impressive because of how far back the leap has to start from. 

Both of these technologies can be easily fitted into the 13-inch MacBook Pro chassis, and many of the geekerati are expecting Apple to do just that, although with the product release cycle its unlikely to happen before the end of 2019. I personally feel that the March event for the expected launch of the iPhone SE 2 would be the best estimate – that gives time for the Christmas retail chain to be cleared of the old inventory before the launch of the new product.

It also means that the smart decision for those looking at the smaller MacBook Pro should hold off a few months, get through the festive season, and pick up a MacOS laptop that replaces the hobbled keyboard and smaller screen on the current 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Thanks to the 16-inch MacBook Pro revealing the new hardware, Apple has effectively Osborned the current 13-inch family… assuming that the MacBook Pro buying consumer is switched on enough to realise that the new features of the 16-inch MacBook Pro are expected to arrive on a 14-inch MacBook Pro early in 2020.

For many consumers looking for ‘an Apple laptop’ they’re going to head into the festive season with a new 13-inch MacBook Pro that has the temperamental butterfly keyboard and a tired screen. And when that new MacBook Pro is announced, they’re going to look at their recent investment and wonder why Apple’s message of putting the consumer first wasn’t strong enough to replace the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops at the same time.

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