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Old Town Business Takes Gaming To A New Level – WABI

OLD TOWN, Maine (WABI) – Taking gaming to the next level. That’s the goal of a new hang out spot in Old Town.

Alyssa Thurlow takes us to Next Level Gamers. A great new concept in the world of video games.

“Oh, I almost had you. Why are you so good at this?”

Being a “gamer” is back in style.

“When I was a kid I really spent a lot of time in the arcade and really just enjoyed that ability to really have something where you could get away from all the stresses of life,” said Shawn Bouchard, Owner of Next Level Gamers in Old Town. “It was just a good outlet for me to stay on the right path.”

It started as a dream last year, and now it’s a full-time reality for Shawn Bouchard and his family.

“I started playing when I was maybe my sisters age, 8, 9,” said gamer, Alec Bouchard.

“I think we have a household of gamers at this point. They’ve definitely inspired me to look into something like this and see what we could do, and have a place for the kids to get in and socialize and play the latest titles that we have out there on the market.”

Next Level Gamers is more than just your parents arcade as this offers the latest and greatest in the gaming world.

“We have the X-Box One S machines. We also have the Play-Station 4 Pros. We have the Nintendo Switch, and we also have the Virtual Reality Oculus Rift. The VR is an experience, once you do that, it really takes it to a whole new level,” explained Bouchard.

Located right in downtown Old Town, this pay-to-play game shop offers a fun and safe gaming experience for all.

And to get started, Bouchard says it’s pretty simple.

“When someone comes in they would just take a look at our packages and get a feel for how long they want to be here,” explained Bouchard. “Once they’re done with that we would look at the different game titles and get them set up on the machine, and they would just sit down and start gaming.”

The business just opened it’s doors for the first time last week, but Bouchard says things are already taking off, and he’s willing to make accommodations going forward.

“The gamers themselves have a specific game that they’re really tuned into, so I’m really hoping that I have that game title for them, and if I don’t, I’ll definitely be looking into getting it for them,” said Bouchard.

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