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Run Chromium OS on Your Desktop or Laptop Computer with ChromX and Flatpak – Softpedia News

GNU/Linux developer Arne Exton released a new version of his custom build Chromium OS-based ChromX operating system for desktop and laptop computers with support for Flatpak apps.

Coming nine months after the previous version, ChromX Build 190824 is now available based on the latest Chromium OS build and featuring support for Flatpak applications. This means that you can now fully expend you ChromX installation with all the apps you want if they’re available as Flatpaks.

Flatpak is a universal binary format sponsored by Red Hat, which lets application developers easily distribute and maintain their apps in a single, universal package for all Linux-based operating systems, and offers users an easier way to install apps on their GNU/Linux distributions without any dependencies.

Chromium OS is an open-source project aiming to create a secure, fast, simple and easy-to-use computer operating system for those who spend most of their time on the Internet. It is based on the open-source Chromium web browser and it’s code is available for anyone to verify, modify, and build.

Run Chromium OS on your desktop or laptop computer

With ChromX, you can run the Chromium OS operating system on your desktop or laptop computer. It is compatible only with modern, 64-bit hardware, but you can also use Chromium OS on special hardware by using ArnoldTheBat’s special Chromium OS builds. If you’re wondering why should you use ChromX, developer Arne Exton has the answer.

“They are many Chromium OS builds out there. Many more mature and ready to go than ChromX, for example CloudReady. ChromX Build 190824 is nevertheless more fun to use in my opinion,” said the developer. “Using Flatpak you can tailor the Chromium OS system according to your needs.” You can download ChromX Build 190824 right here.

Installing Flatpak

Installing Flatpak

Debian system)” alt=”Installing Linux BETA (a Debian system)” />

Installing Linux BETA (a Debian system)

Installing Spotify with Aptoide

Installing Spotify with Aptoide

GIMP” alt=”Installing GIMP” />

Installing GIMP

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