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Seven Mobile County schools are “failing” – WKRG News 5

State releases list of schools in bottom six-percent of standardized test scores

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MONTGOMERY, Ala (WKRG) — Seven Mobile County Public Schools have been deemed “failing” by the state. That means they are in the bottom six-percent of achievement test scores in Alabama. Mobile’s “failing” schools are Calloway-Smith, Pillans, and Chastang-Fournier Middle Schools, and Leflore, Blount, Williamson, and B.C. Rain High Schools.

Just a couple of weeks ago the Alabama State Department of Education announced that no Mobile County school got an “F” in the annual state “report cards.” That grading system, however, takes into account several factors, not just standardized test scores.

Progress is a process that takes time, dedication, and continued hard work. This is what came to my mind as I received from the Alabama Department of Education the list of failing schools, which was made available to the public today. Even though we in Mobile County Public Schools are making progress, we are not yet at our intended destination. 
Progress takes time. As I stated in the state report card press conference last week, our goal is to remove one or two schools from the failing list each year.

Today, I am announcing that we have achieved that goal. Four schools were removed from the failing schools list: Morningside Elementary, Booker T. Washington Middle, Mobile County Training, and Vigor High. We congratulate each of these schools and applaud their consistent dedication to ensuring student academic proficiency.

However, and unfortunately, we had two schools that were added to the list. We will continue working hard in these schools with the goal of getting them off and keeping them off the list. These schools are Blount and LeFlore high schools. 

Overall, Mobile County Public Schools went from having nine schools on the failing schools list in 2018 to seven in 2019. The seven are: Chastang-Fournier K-8, Calloway-Smith Middle, Williamson Preparatory, Pillans Middle, B.C. Rain High, Blount High, and LeFlore High.

Keep in mind that Mobile County Public Schools improved greatly on our state report card, with no schools making F’s, and the district as a whole moving up to a B. But by nature of the failing schools list, 6 percent of Alabama’s schools are going to be on it every year. 

As I always state, we WILL NOT become complacent, and we will not be satisfied until all schools are removed from the failing schools list. We will continue giving our all and striving to meet the needs of ALL students in Mobile County Public Schools by continuing to reduce our number of schools on this list. 

Superintendent Chresal Threadgill

Other schools in the News 5 viewing area deemed “failing” are Escambia County High in Atmore, Chickasaw High School, Chickasaw Middle, and J.F. Shields High School in Monroe County.

74 schools across the state were deemed “failing.” 16 of them are Birmingham City Schools.

The following is a statement from Superintendent Chresal Threadgill:

The Accountability Plan of 2013 allows students in “failing” schools to transfer to a non-failing school within the same school district, or transfer to a neighboring public school district.

Students may also enroll in private schools. Non-profit organizations have been set up to provide scholarships for low income students from “failing” schools.” The system has been criticized because donors to scholarship providing non-profit groups can take a credit against their income tax liability for the amount of their donation. Critics say that, in effect, uses taxpayer public money to pay for private school tuition.

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