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The best multiplayer PC games 2019: top competitive games to play today – TechRadar

Welcome to our pick of the best multiplayer PC games of 2019.  If videogames are defined by competition, then there’s nothing more gamey than drawing your controller from its holster and taking on other players.

Whether you’re rubbing shoulders with your frenemies on the couch or taking on the world, the best multiplayer PC games are the perfect way to satiate that thirst for competition, because there’s no victory sweeter than that over another human being.

If you’d rather play together than against each other, then check out our pick of the best co-op PC games of 2019. We also have the best single player PC games and the best PC games overall.

Here are the best multiplayer games to have graced the PC platform in recent years.

1. Battlefield 1

The best multiplayer PC games: Battlefield 1

(Image credit: EA)

The debate about the best Battlefield game of all time will never end, but Battlefield 1 certainly strikes a strong balance of spectacular visuals, modern mechanics, and sprawling maps from the rarely charted battlefields of World War I.

It’s arguably better than its successor, Battlefield V, thanks to a slightly slower, more methodical pace and the bold way in which it exaggerates the almost-steampunk chaos of WWI. There are gas grenades, bayonet charges, formidable special units like flame troopers, and of course Behemoths – menacing vehicles that come in to balance out a battle if it’s too one-sided. 

Battlefield 1 is quite possibly the most atmospheric and spectacular online shooter ever made.

2. Rocket League 

The best multiplayer PC games: Rocket League

(Image credit: Psyonix, Panic Button Games)

The blisteringly fast-paced toy-car-football phenomenon powers on, as popular today as ever. If you’re worried that it’s a bit too reminiscent of actual football, then work through that worry, because it’s so much more.

The beauty of Rocket League is in its absolute subservience to physics. Ball control is completely manual, team moves require a high level of communication and coordination, and aerial play is a whole higher layer of game to master. 

Competitive play is divided up into leagues and seasons too, ensuring that whether you’re playing 1-v-1 or 3-v-3, you tend to be matched up fairly.

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