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Windi: Plastic butt straw is the best baby gadget of all time – Kidspot

If you thought a snot sucker was the edge of parenting, get a load of this gadget that involves a lot of farting and poop!

There’s nothing that gets a new mum Googling like crazy at 2am than a baby with colic.

Is it the milk that’s making my poor little bub scream for hours on end or the feeding position? Or is there something worse going on that we should be at the doctor for RIGHT THIS MINUTE? 

Doctors say it’s totally normal for newborns to be gassy – and there are no shortage of techniques we can try to relieve their pain. 

We used the bicycle pumping method so often that we made up a catchy song out of it because, well, our lives revolved around milk, poo and vomit and we lacked more creative inspiration.

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Wax on … wax off. Source: iStock

You won’t believe this exists

Well, how the game has changed for parents in 2019!

Not only are there countless liquids in your local chemist to help your little one fart, now there’s a product we had to look twice at to even believe it existed. 

Unsure of how much gas is normal and should it smell? Take a look at why my baby farts so much and how Zoe Foster Blake helped baby Rudy’s troubles with wind.

Windi the Gaspasser is basically a straw that you pop into your baby’s bottom that helps relieve them of wind – and by the looks of the reviews, the contents of their bowels too. 


Baby, get ready for this doozy! Source: iStock

The website says the seven-centimetre single-use tube is designed by a doctor and paediatrician approved, with a soft rounded tip and guard to make sure it doesn’t go in too far. 

Not surprisingly, the team behind this bizarre contraption is Frida, the Swedish manufacturer of the Snotsucker, the gross yet super effective aspirator that involves putting a tube in your mouth and the other end up baby’s nose and sucking all of it’s icky contents out. 

How it works 

To start off with the Windi, gently massage your baby’s tummy in downward strokes, then by lubricating the opening of your baby’s bottom with a natural oil such as coconut, slowly insert and wait for the magic to happen. 

The instructions says the expelled fart will make a whistling sound through the tube – which may or may not cause excited parents to break out into song. 

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And squeeeeeze that gas. Source: iStock

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We haven’t had first-hand experience in trying it, but the product is hugely popular on Amazon, with a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on the online retailer, with 70 percent of reviewers giving it a five-star rating. 

Some of the positive reviews come with some explicit warnings that users may find it causes poo to projectile straight into the parent’s unassuming face without warning, they advise to have a nappy or cloth at the ready to catch it. 

amazon windi

Some raved about it more than others. Source: Amazon

As far as we’ve found, you won’t find Windi the Gaspasser in Australian stores, but it is available online from overseas retailers at a hefty price of $52 or more for 10 disposable tubes. 

Important note: Always consult your GP or paediatrician before considering using anything you’ve unfamiliar with on your baby.

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